Brain storming session on why Bible Study can be hard

May 11, 2009 – 9:00 pm

For my Psalm 119 study, I have found it quite difficult to do the study the way I want to.  As I have thought about this, an important question occured to me:  What makes Bible Study hard?  For me, it is not really the mechanics of Bible study ( although those can be tough as well ).  For me it is the following:

  1. The heart of Bible Study – studying God’s precious word devotionally, not JUST scholastically.  There is a place for a scholastic mindset.  But the devotional aspect should supersede the scholastic, I am thinking ( Ps 37:4; Matt 6:33; and the psalmist who is writing Ps 119 exudes a love for God that motivates his love for God’s word ).
  2. The discipline of Bible study – choosing to do it when other, more “fun” things are offering themselves.  Also, continue to prayerfully fight through it until God gives us the joy we desire.  Note that this is not to say that the Bible is boring, but in this world with all its distractions, we foolishly think that TV, for instance, will be more satisfying than spending time with God.  So we either choose to fight through this deception that is consuming us, or we give in and go to TV ( or whatever we go to instead of TV ).  The old adage “Pray when you do feel like it.  Pray when you don’t feel like it.  Pray until you do feel like it” applies here and that is where, in some cases, the discipline comes in.  While we should always “feel like it”, that is probably unrealistic considering the fact that we live in a sinful world and have the flesh to deal with ( Rom 7:14-25 )
  3. The prayer of Bible study – choosing to depend on God during the study for wisdom, understanding, and change of heart.

I write this mainly because I expect there are many people who deal with these issues.  I know I for one like knowing that I am not alone, so maybe some of you will appreciate knowing that you are not alone.  May we all press on to know God through His word.  I know I desperately need His help, and I know He is their, patiently helping me and guiding me, even when I do not see Him.  He is our hope.

On a related note, I saw this on Twitter today:

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