Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – take 2

September 16, 2007 – 9:51 pm

Ok, did not know blogging, especially this type of blogging, would be so hard. Anyway, to continue from last time, the thing I really appreciate in the Harry Potter books, especially this last one, was the loyalty of the friends to each other. Especially revealing and meaningful is Harry’s willingness to die for his friends. Also, Hermione stayed with Harry, even when Ron left ( and you know, based on how she felt for Ron, that she had to have wanted to go with him ). Rather ironically enough, one of my favorite characters ( in the top 5 , bellow the 3 main characters and Dumbledore ) was Snape. I guess what really struck me about him was his love for Lilly and the sacrifices he made for her in the end. Granted, he was arrogant, but then many of the characters are arrogant.

Ok, I believe that for works of beauty I need to try to praise God for them and acknowledge Him as the source of all beauty and good things. As such, what I would like to do right now is list out the positive elements of this last book:

  1. Friendship
  2. Loyalty
  3. Love
  4. Patience
  5. The lesson from Dumbledore that Harry had to learn things the hard way – there was no easy way ( as there often is not an easy way in life or in our pursuit of God ).
  6. Sacrifice for the sake of others ( so many people lost their lives defending Harry and the other innocents ).
  7. Redemption – Ron came back after realizing he was wrong.
  8. Family and the importance of family.

Part of what beauty is are the things that God would want us to do for His names sake, or things He has done for us. Thus, we take time to acknowledge that these things are beautiful. But, as a human work, from someone who does not really acknowledge even a creator, let alone a infinite personal God ( at least not as far as I could see in the Harry Potter books I have read ), we need to take some time to acknowledge the bad elements:

  1. Lying is epidemic, and excused if the need is great enough. I am all for not telling people things they do not know, but lying is never right ( Col 3:9, among others ). I fully admit there are things people should not know, I just don’t believe God wants us to lie when people confront us directly about issues.
  2. Witchcraft and sorcery. Ok, I cannot think of one place in the Harry Potter books where witchcraft and sorcery were connected to Satanism ( as they often can be in our modern world ), so this is not an attack on the use of magic in the world of Harry Potter. But it is interesting that in the Bible, these things are never really looked upon positively ( Ex 22:18;Lev 19:31;20:6,27;Deut 18:9-14;Acts 19:19 ( where many people of Ephesus burned their magic books ) ). Really, while I admit that the idea of magic intrigues me, really it is just a ploy on the part of man in his desire to be divine, to be more then God created him to be right now. We just need God, not special powers.
  3. The bias against muggles. We know that our heroes did not wish to enslave them, but everyone seemed to think little of them, as if they were less than the magic users. Mr. Weasley and and the professor at Hogwarts who was teaching Muggle studies seemed genuinely interested in them and impressed by them, and obviously many worked to protect them. But I just feel like there was a very slight undercurrent of bias against them.

Well, if I think of anything else, I will blog about it. But for now that is all.

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