Prince Caspian, the movie

June 9, 2008 – 10:11 pm

Well, tonight I needed a little encouragement, so I decided to give Prince Caspian a second try. God really used it to encourage me, just like I prayed. Anyway, first I want to talk about the movie itself, then I would like to discuss the parts the movie changed that I did not think they should have.

The Good:

  1. Only those with faith, who want to see Him, can see Aslan. In Matt 5:8, the pure in heart are said to be able to see God. If we seek Him with all our heart, He will let us find Him ( 2 Chron 15:2,4;Jer 29:13 ). We see Lucy do this early on, albeit not perfectly.
  2. Aslan says to Lucy the things don’t happen the same way twice. Meaning Aslan does not do it the same way twice. This is a lot like how things happen in scripture. As one example, take Moses giving water to the people. At first, God told Moses to strike the rock to get water ( Ex 17:1-7 ). Then later He told Moses to speak to the rock ( Num 20:8-12 ). There are lots of other examples. The infinite, personal creator God is infinitely imaginative. I bring this up because the movie refers to that truth.
  3. Lucy gets in trouble for not obeying Aslan no matter what. This is true to life. We have to obey God, no matter what others say ( Acts 5:29 ). Our love for God is proven by our obedience to God ( Jn 14:15,21,23;15:10;1 Jn 5:3;2 Jn 6 ). Also, our faith in God is proven by our obedience to Him ( James 2:17,20,26; cf Heb 11:1-38 ).
  4. One statement really struck me in the movie tonight. It was when Susan asked Peter who he was fighting for. So, early in the movie, Peter leads a charge with “for Narnia”. Later, when Peter finally comes to his senses and seeks Aslan, he leads a charge with “for Aslan”. So this shows that the focus needs to be on God, similar to what Matt 6:33 and Luke 9:23-24 ( in verse 23, Jesus says to “follow Him”, which implies a focus on Him ) says. It is good to see this growth in Peter.
  5. Also, at one point in the movie Lucy urges people to trust and wait for Aslan. She even says something about it being Aslan who defeated the White Witch, not Peter and the Narnians. To which Peter replies something along the lines of “we are on our own”. But then later, when Peter comes to his senses, he sends Lucy out to seek Aslan. I think this so accurately and honestly shows the struggle between faith and doubt, between trusting, dependent obedience and independent self-reliance. Through Peter, we see someone grow to trust, obey, and depend upon God more and more.
  6. Witchcraft and whatever they were doing to bring back the White Witch was portrayed as evil.

The Bad:

  1. Peter fighting at the beginning. Need i say more?
  2. Peter is pretty arrogant with Prince Caspian, almost lording it over him ( by my choice of words, I am purposely referring to 1 Pet 5:3, and Matt 20:24-28 ).

I could probably say other things, but I want to briefly discuss the things the movie changed that I do not think they should have. Note that if I leave something out, it probably means I do not think it was a big deal. It is good to point out that this is a movie, and as such the method of presentation is, by necessity, different, and should be different. I remember reading that A.W. Tozer thought one should not just copy his sermons from what he preached directly to a book. He believed the the truths in his sermons should be tweaked for the written medium. Well, movies have to do that with books, and I realize that. But, I still think it wise to compare the movie to the book, at least briefly, as the movie presenting some things that made some characters look different than they are ever portrayed in the book.

  • Peter, in the books, is never portrayed as he is at the beginning of the movie, getting into fights. In fact, in the book, he is very respectful of Caspian and supports him. There is never even any hint of conflict between the 2 of them. I do not think they should have changed this. Peter is an upright, mature young man in the books.
  • There is no romance in the books, at least not really. So, in other words, Susan and Prince Caspian do not flirt with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good love story, but here it was not needed and served no real purpose. OK, it did serve a purpose – people like romance:-). But I think it could have been left out.

Well, that is enough for now. I am quite sure more could be said, but that is a good start.

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  2. Hey, I found your thoughts very helpful and borrowed a few for my own blog. Thank you :-D

    By Rhodri Brady on Jul 11, 2008

  3. Good insight and helpful to many I’m sure. We’re proud of you and so is Mom.

    By Vivian C on Jun 4, 2009

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