February 4, 2009 – 12:11 am

I saw this movie tonight and really enjoyed it. It was great to see a father strive to reconnect with his daughter.  It was great to see him do everything he could to protect his daughter. People can say he was overprotective, but he ended up being right and knowing what was best for her.

The good:

  1. The main character ( Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills ) is trying to reconnect with his daughter, to make up for lost time.  His job with the CIA took him away from his family and ruined his marriage, so he is  trying to get to know his daughter.  He gives up a lot to do this, which is a great lesson.  Granted, you could argue that he should have spent more time with his family, BUT you can see that even when he was away, he was highly devoted to his daughter.
  2. The importance of family.
  3. The main character defends those in need, like a young lady sold into prostitution.  OK, admittedly, he does this in an effort to get information about his daughter, but he does show care for this young lady.
  4. The selling of women is portrayed as wrong, as evil.
  5. The daughter genuinely loves her father.
  6. Bryan Mills does anything to save his daughter, and I mean anything.

The bad:

  1. Girl lies to her father, and her mother lies to him as well.
  2. I admit that it seems he was a rather absent father, but his ex-wife and her husband seem to take him for granted.  I mean, at the end the step-father thanks the father for saving his own daughter, promising him anything he needs.  That just struck me as offensive.  I know the step-father cares for her, but did he really think her father did it for any other reason then a deep love for his daughter?

Well, that is enough for now.  Go here for a more thorough review.

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