Common Topics/Themes

February 8, 2009 – 10:26 pm

One time when I read Psalm 119 years ago, I marked up my copy of it with different symbols for different topics/themes that I saw as essential to understanding what God is saying. Here are those topics and themes. I believe anyone should pay attention to these themes in Psalm 119 to maximize their time.

  1. Memorization of scripture ( marked with “mem” ) – there are many verses in Psalm 119 that discuss memorizing scripture.  For instance, sometimes the psalmist says that he meditates on God’s word during the night watches.  He would probably do that by knowing God’s word in his heart.
  2. Constant action ( marked with “C” ) – there are many places in Psalm 119 where constant action is encouraged.
  3. Seeking God ( marked with “S” )
  4. Walking in God’s ways ( marked with “W” )
  5. Loving God’s Word ( marked with “LW” )
  6. Understanding God’s word ( marked with “U” ).  This also includes the concept of just general understanding and wisdom for life.
  7. Salvation ( marked with “Sa” ) – Psalm 119 does discuss salvation and the psalmist goes to God for salvation.
  8. Telling others of God and His ways ( marked with a “T” )
  9. Meditating on God’s word ( marked with a “M” )
  10. Heart issue ( marked with “HI” ) – Many times in Psalm 119, the psalmist addresses a heart issue, not just an external issue.
  11. Guidance from God’s Word ( marked with “G” ) – On many occasions, the psalmist seeks guidance from God through His Word.
  12. Praise of God, especially for His word ( marked with “P” ) – This is a really broad category, on purpose, but quite helpful to look at.
  13. Request to God, often for understanding ( marked with a “R” ) – This, also, is quite a broad category, but quite helpful.  For instance, take note of how many times the psalmist asks God to teach him the Word.

I am quite sure there are other themes and topics, but these are the ones that my heart and mind often gravitate towards when I read Psalm 119.

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