What I have

April 7, 2009 – 12:33 am

Well, I actually have quite a bit of information on Psalm 119:1-32.  The problem is I cannot decide how useful it is as most of it is just first draft thoughts, if you will.  Thoughts to get my mind working.  I will be putting some of it up soon, though.

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  2. Have you created a chart of the 8 X 22 verses as to the synonyms: the eight words used to define the law?

    I found only two verses that did not have an entry in this chart. Much like the chart of Rev 2-3 – the seven things about the seven churches – only two are blank. Isn’t digging in Scripture fun?

    By Tom Hoffahrt on May 1, 2009

  3. No, not yet. Will have to look into that sometime.

    By admin on May 10, 2009

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